Frequently Asked Questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

1After I have subscribed how will i gain access to alerts ?

After you have signed up you will receive a link to a secured page off our website, you will need to click the link provided and go enter your TELEGRAM username, Phone number you signed up with TELEGRAM with and your PayPal Email you used to subscribe to our services. Once completed you will automatically be added into your chosen subscription plan! 

2How will I receive my watchlist

You will receive your daily hot stocks watch list through our telegram alert channel. Our team works hard to make sure you receive your watchlist by 8pm the night before. 

3Is this a pump and dump scam?

Our team believes firmly in transparency and honesty. Our hand picked stocks are based purely on algorithmic data and supported by fundamental analysis. 
Our advanced scanners are designed to detect unusual volume, float and relative strength and a variety of other factor to ensure you are getting securities with momentum. 

Please check out testimonials and see what our committed members have to say! 

4Where are your VIP educational resources located?

Once you have subscribed for your VIP premium subscription you will also receive a link to a secured dive there are over 100 great free books our team shares with our loyal subscribers!

5Do you guarantee profits?

Nothing in life is guaranteed 100%. We strive to provide you with the most up-to-date breaking information and analysis throughout the day to help you plan your trading strategy. If you find yourself struggling that doesn’t mean give up! We strongly recommend you expand your knowledge with our free knowledge on our website also check out our VIP subscriptions. We offer plenty of education and trading strategies!

6I'm not making profits what should I do?

Reach out to us and try a one to one training session with one of our qualified team members, once we have secured your appointment we will schedule a one hour Zoom session at your convenience to review your trading strategy and offer our best advice to help you to achieve your goals.

Remember paper trading is a great way to test strategies. 


7What is the real difference between Premium and VIP

The differences between our packages can be found on our subscription options section on our page. Our VIP packages include some extras which we state in the subscriptions options, The VIP also includes all basic perks as well!

8What are the group rules?

-Absolutely NO bullying or discrimination will occur in our chat!

-No outside stock picks or Watchlist you are subject to Ban if you do!

-We are NOT responsible for anyone in the chats stock opinions,ideas or trading techniques

-No Spaming or Stock “Pumping”

-Be positive and helpful to others in the chat no question is a silly question here. we all learn at a different pace and no one will feel ashamed to ask Any question!

-Be respectful to Admins and Moderators


-No self promotion you are here to learn or utilize the Alerts any outside promotion is subject to Ban

-We reserve the right to Remove you from the chat for ANY reason we seem fit. if your paid you will remain in the alert channel. if you can’t behave like an adult you DO NOT have the right to be in the chat

9Is it possible for one on one training?

Right now we don’t offer one on one training but as we are growing we will be adding that feature soon so keep your eyes open! 

10Do you offer entry and exit points?

Due to liability we can not offer exact entry and exit points. Our team strives to give your trading strategy an edge. We strongly feel that traders should be self sufficient with their financial decisions. Once again we strongly recommend to traders that are struggling to check out our very beneficial webinars and trading strategies!


11I've heard penny stocks are dangerous?

Volatile stocks can be very dangerous, It is very important to fully understand how to play these fast movers. We offer many different educational options for new traders or traders who just haven’t figured out their strategy yet! IT IS ALSO VERY IMPORTANT TO APPLY YOUR METHODS IN PAPER TRADING BEFORE RISKING YOUR MONEY IN LIVE MARKETS.

12Im having trouble understanding the alerts!

Take a look at our commonly used terminology to better understand the chat room lingo and please use our knowledge base to help understand our alerts 

13Ive heard about the PDT rule, is there a way around it?

Yes using a settled cash account with WeBull it is possible to make round trip trades all day long providing you have applied proper money management techniques to you daily trading limits. 

14How much money do I need to get started?

You can begin your trading career by funding your brokerage account from $100 to $10,000

We strongly feel new traders should limit their portfolio sizes, this not only limits losses but encourages responsible risk management from day one. 

15How do I cancel my subscription?

Canceling is just as easy as joining. To cancel you will need to go to your PayPal account>subscriptions>SCALERTS and click cancel.

16Ive been following the alerts and keep loosing money?

Remember our alerts are for momentum and swing trading, it is important to highlight that generally we are not picking securities for long term or hedging portfolios. Small Cap Alerts is designed and run by active day traders.

17I want to refer a friend, how should I go about this?

Right now we are currently working on a referral program inside our API. We can say it will work towards our VIP packages as the basic subscriptions are already so cheap.

18I am not am not a US citizen can I still trade?

Absolutely there are many brokers available to international traders!
One of our absolute favourites is WeBull and they offer services too many countries (United States, India, Brazil, Turkey, the Philippines, Malaysia, Japan, China, and Korea)

*CMEG ( Capital Market Elite Group)
*Interactive Brokers

19My funds have settled what is my next step?

We feel paper trading is an essential part of every traders strategy, we understand you are eager to enter the market and make profits, we can not stress proper practice before going live. Follow our knowledge base and VIP webinars to help you gain confidence. 

20How often are VIP Webinars

We guarantee a minimum of 3 webinars per week, this includes the weekly wrap up of our biggest winners.