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Our Mission

Real time Alerts

  1. Our Team works around the clock to bring you the breaking news and hot stock alerts sent directly to your mobile or home device.
  2. With scanners running and top traders analyzing movement, we work to help you to give you a cutting edge in the market
  3. We specialize in pre-market analysis to give day traders a strong watchlist and increase your profits  

Why Small Caps?

  1. We want to help you build capital and have the correct information to increase profits. 
  2. Don’t worry we are working hard, Daily Monday through Friday 
  3. We provide an active chat room of day traders just like you,  join in with our team chat no matter the time or day!

Live Your Dreams

  1. Real-Time information on the fastest trending stocks at your fingertips that your trading depends on.
  2. Our team works hard, so you can keep up with your day to day life with a market edge.
  3. The right strategy and our winning calls will help you on the road financial freedom and live your dreams! 

Is there more?

  1. We provide educational materials to help both entry level and advanced traders alike plan their investments wisely.
  2. Our team chat gets you in to live trading data with our top traders every trading day!
  3. End of Day debriefings provided by our top analysts on trading strategies.

About SCalerts

  • Our scanners work 24/7 to give you a cutting edge
  • Alerts are hand picked and analyzed by our team
  • Educational tools provided for all members 
  • Variety of Subscription for all budgets 
  • Live Pre-Market Breakdown 8AM-9:15AM EST Mon-Friday
  • Weekly Webinars for Premium Subscribers
  • Active chat group for Team Support
  • Advanced Earnings Reports

Our team is comprised of active traders, We scan and analyze to  give you a broad variety of options for your daily edge in the stock market.

We pride ourselves on picking high momentum securities for active traders and keep you up to date to make wise financial decisions.

Our team believes firmly education and preparation combined with hand picks alerts can be the recipe for success in these volatile markets. 

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Latest News

January 7, 2021

EOD Debriefing 01/07/2021

       As we move into the second trading week of the year, the markets ended green again. The S&P closed out flat indicating some signs of a reversal. Tech, while under scrutiny from Washington managed to continue a with a bullish […]

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$CLUB 100%
$MCRB 200%
$KELLYB 200%
$NVUS 100%
$VVPR 200%
$SHLO 150%
$OMI 100%
$SAVA 200%
$NVUS 100%
$VVPR 200%
$SHLO 150%
$SUNW 900%
$PECK 200%
$CBAT 200%
$NETE 100%
$OEG 100%
$POLA 100%
$JE 100%
$SGBX 100%

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